If you want to take a vacation in a country where the natural environment is the main attraction, then Nicaragua is the one for you. There are two distinct seasons here, wet and dry, but anytime is a good time to visit. If you plan to be in this country during Holy Week, all the beach resorts are blocked to capacity at this time, so you will need to make your reservations well in advance. There are great opportunities for hiking, fishing and surfing and there are several volcanoes you can visit.


Visit the fortress of San Pablo, the national park at Isla Zapatera or visit Isla del Muarto (Island of the Dead) to see the ancient tombs and rock carvings.


The capital of Nicaragua, this city holds more than 25% of the total population of the country, making it very crowded. Visit the Municipal Cathedral by the side of the lake and see the giant statues of Augusto Sandino and Carlos Fonseca at the entrance to the Palacio Nacional. At the Huellas de Acahualinca, you can see the ancient footprints of the people running to escape the lava from the volcano. You can learn about the political struggles of the country when you see the exhibits at the Museo de la Revolucion. There are many volcanic craters that make great swimming holes and just outside the city you can visit the Parque Nacional Volcán Masaya National Park, where there is still an active volcano.


This is the oldest city in the country and dates back to the Spanish conquistadors who founded this city in 1524. It has access to the Caribbean Sea, which makes it a center of trade and the country?s economy. It is a wonderful city for walking with many Spanish structures still standing. Visit the cathedral and the beautiful Parque Colon and it is only minutes away from a spectacular lake.

Travel to Nicaragua

You can fly into the International airport at Managua from many European, South American and US cities. There is a departure tax of $20 US for everyone that travels here. You can also arrive by land through one of the three border crossings.

Travel Within Nicaragua

There are three domestic airlines that will take you safely around the country. Although there are buses, they are always overcrowded and notorious for pickpockets. For some locations, the only way to get there is by boat.


The main languages spoken in Nicaragua are Spanish, an English Creole and Miskito.


Although you don?t need a Travel Visa to enter this country, you do need a valid passport and proof of a return ticket.


You need to have a vaccination against yellow fever and you have to bring the certification with you and it is strongly recommended that you also have a vaccination against typhoid. Water should be looked upon as being contaminated, so you should only drink bottled water. You should not travel to the North Atlantic Autonomous Region of the country because the situation is volatile with gangs attacking tourists and locals.

Food and Drink

If you want to experience the cuisine of Nicaragua, some of the popular dishes include gallopinto, which is fried rice and potato beans, mondongo, which is tripe soup. You will find that plantains are used in most dishes and the common method of eating is to scoop up the food with tortillas rather than use forks. The multi-colored fruits drinks taste a lot better than the soda pop and although there is a local beer, most of the beers and wines are imported.


Gold, embroidery and paintings are the items that most tourists like to shop for in Nicaragua. There are malls and department stores in the towns and cities, but for taste of the real local flavor, you have to visit the market. Here you will find a large selection of local handicrafts and the vendors expect you to bargain.


There are bars and nightclubs in all the major cities. In Managua, there are also cinemas that have movies with English subtitles.



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