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Turks and Caicos

Often called the ?Forgotten Islands?, this two island nation is another Bahamas in its spectacular beaches and panoramic scenery. You won?t find any pollution or crowds on these unspoiled islands and if you are looking for a lot of nightlife, then this is not the place for you. The white sandy beaches stretch for miles and are home to a fantastic underwater world. The currency is the US dollar, even though these islands are technically part of Britain.

The popular tourist destinations are Providenciales (shortened to Provo) and Grand Turk. Each of these has a wealth of accommodations, restaurants, attractions and activities for visitors to enjoy. 

Accommodations and Dining

Accommodations are generally expensive, such as at the Sandals Beaches Turks and Caicos Resort in Provo or the Arches of Grand Turk Island. Dining is much cheaper and you can get an excellent meal at any of the restaurants for a great price. The cuisine offered will suit any taste with American, Caribbean International, Bahamian, Mediterranean and Mexican foods served. The hotels charge a tax of 10-15%, plus a government tax of 10% so you have to allow for that when you budget out your money.


Provo?s finest beach, Grace Bay Beach, stretches for 12 miles and is so stunning that once you arrive you will want to stay. There are other beaches such as Long Bay Beach, Malcolm?s Road Beach and Sspodilla Bay Beach where you can escape the crowds.

Grand Turk is best known for scuba diving with some of the finest dive spots in the world. Dive to the wreck of the HMS Endymion and play with the humpback whales. Deep sea fishing is available in both locations and in Provo, golfers can tee off at the Provo Golf Club.

Chalk Sound is a public park in Provo, but a must see is the Caicos Conch Farm, where you will see how conch is produced commercially. The only museum is located on Grand Turk ? the Turks & Caicos National Museum where most of the displays deal with the wreck of a sailing ship. Some believe it to be the wreck of Columbus?s ship The Pinta, but there is no proof of this.

Shopping and Nightlife

The Bamboo Art Gallery is worth a visit with its ceramics and colourful oil paintings, but the most desirable items are the local metal sculptures. You can also purchase local handicrafts and for duty-free shopping, Royal Jewels has a fine collection of jewelry and French perfumes.

The American Casino in Grace Bay provides most of the nightly entertainment and most of the hotels have bars where guests and locals like to gather. Stardust and Ashes is another lively spot, but most close at midnight or before.





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