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St Vincents & Grenadines

One of the best kept secrets about vacation destinations in the Caribbean is St. Vincent?s and the Grenadines. St. Vincent?s is an island itself and the Grenadines consists of a string of island, four of which have accommodations for tourists. The other islands, though small, are well worth a visit as a day trip.

You cannot fly directly to St. Vincent but you will connect through Barbados, Antigua or Martinique. The best way to get around St. Vincent is by taxi because of the narrow windy roads are in poor condition. You do need to negotiate a price because although the government regulates the taxi fares, the taxis don?t have meters. The currency is the Eastern Caribbean dollar, but most businesses do accept US currency.


There are very expensive resorts in both St. Vincents and the Grenadines, but there are also many inexpensive hotels, so it possible to have a luxury vacation and still stick to your budget. There are so many accommodations to choose from in different tourist destinations that you would really have to know what location you plan on staying. In St. Vincent?s, you can stay in the capital Kingstown or in one of several other places where there are popular beaches. Some of these include Young Island Resort, on its own private island, for luxury or a bed and breakfast type lodgings at the Beachcombers Hotel.

In the Grenadines, the islands that have accommodations are Bequia, Mustique, known as the island of luxury villas, Canouan, Mayreau, Palm Island, and Petit St. Vincent. There is a wide selection of expensive to inexpensive accommodations, but some of the islands only have one hotel or resort so you options may be limited.


The list dining establishments on these islands is very extensive in both St. Vincent?s and the other islands. Some of these are expensive restaurants where reservations are required, but most are casual dining in a relaxed atmosphere. Enjoy West Indian, Caribbean American and International cuisine in delightful settings, such as the rooftop of a three story building at the Rooftop Restaurant in Kingstown, the Frangipani in Bequiam overlooking the water, or under a thatched roof at Basil?s Beach Bar on Mustique, where there is an open ?air dance floor.


There are many beautiful beaches on St. Vincent?s and the islands of the Grenadines. Some of these are golden sand, while others are gray volcanic ash. The color of the sand doesn?t matter with the crystal clear waters and the vast array of watersports offered for your enjoyment.

Take a fishing trip with an experienced fisherman or have your hotel arrange a trip for you. You don?t need a fishing licence and you may end up catching anything from a red fish to a pilot whale.

Sailing and yachting are very likely activities as this is one of the premier sailing centers in the Caribbean. There are at least 30 dive spots around St. Vincent?s alone making this a very popular destination for scuba divers. Take a few lessons or go snorkelling to explore the world beneath the sea.

Hike around St. Vincent?s and explore an extinct volcano - La Soufriere or if this is too much for you, you can hike along the marked Vermont Nature Trails, which take you through the rainforest and past the ruins of plantations.

Explore the villages on the other islands and delight in the sights and sounds of the Caribbean.


If you want to see everything that St. Vincent?s and the Grenadines has to offer, you will have to plan a long holiday. In Kingstown alone, there are many sites to see. Fort Charlotte, the Botanic Gardens, the Carib stone in Barrouallie and the Falls of Baleine are just some of what awaits you on St. Vincent?s. Throughout all of this you do have to stop to drink in the absolutely stunning scenery.


Although these islands are not a major shopping destination, the market on Sunday morning is something you should see. You can also visit the small stores for the island clothing in colourful patterns. The local crafts make exceptional souvenirs and they are really cheap as well.


St. Vincent?s is the main source of nightlife, but Basil?s Beach Bar on Mustique is a hopping place. Most of the nightlife, though, is centered in the hotels, where you can dance to the music of a steel band or attend a barbecue.





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