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St Kitts & Nevis

These two islands make up one country and you can visit either one for a vacation of a lifetime. Each offers expensive and inexpensive accommodations and dining as well as shopping, nightlife and beaches.

The currency is the Eastern Caribbean dollar and the language spoken is English, with a West Indian accent. Since money laundering and drugs is a problem here, you may be subjected to a search of your luggage for drugs when you arrive. However, both islands are safe and there is very little crime.

The taxi drivers are the best guides, but you have to negotiate a price because they don?t have meters. You can rent a car as well, but you have to purchase a driver?s licence for the islands at the airports.


There are so many beaches on both these islands and resorts that you can literally take your pick. Those on the south part of St. Kitts are white and sandy, while those to the north are gray volcanic ash. On the Caribbean side of the island the most popular beaches include Frigate Bay, Friar?s Bay, Sand Bank Bay and Cockleshell Bay, but there are so many others.

Most of the hotels on Nevis have their own private beaches, but you can still use them even if you are not a guest. Pinney?s Beach is the best beach in the Caribbean with crystal clear waters and golden sand. Oualie Beach is known for its diving and snorkelling and surfers love Indian Castle Beach and White Bay Beach.


Berkeley Memorial Clock is the most photographed attraction on St. Kitts as is Brimstone Hill Fortress. This is one of the best preserved forts in the Caribbean and affords an exceptional look into the past. Independence Square used to be the slave market and Half-Way Tree used to mark the boundary between the French and English. The Carib Rock Drawings are also a reminder of the ancient peoples that once lived here. Travel into Mount Lianingo, an extinct volcano along a trail that winds through a tropical rainforest.

On Nevis, visit the Museum of Nevis History located in the birthplace of Alexander Hamilton. The Botanical Garden of Nevis is a spectacular sight containing recreated Mayan ruins and the Nevisian Heritage Village is a collection of historic structures, such as an old sugar mill.


Enjoy a game of golf at the Four Seasons Resort on Nevis or at the Royal St. Kitts Golf Course. Hiking is popular on both islands as is horseback riding, surfing, scuba diving, snorkelling and windsurfing.

Accommodations and Dining

You can choose to stay at a luxurious resort, but you can also choose inexpensive lodgings at the Coconut Beach Club or the Morgan Heights Condo Resort. Both of these are perfect for families with balconies overlooking the beach. If you want to take an all-inclusive holiday, then you might want to choose St. Kitts Marriott Royal Beach Resort and Spa or Golden Lemon Inn and Villas. No matter what you choose you will be pleased with the cleanliness and comfort. Nevis has more expensive accommodation, but the luxury you?ll find is incomparable.

Most of the restaurants serve Caribbean food, but you can also get International cuisine and seafood. The prices are reasonable depending on what you want in the environment. Dine in fine elegance or dress for the beach- it?s up to you.

Shopping and Nightlife

Pelican Shopping Mall on St. Kitts is the main shopping destination. There are many smaller stores and boutiques on both islands and the market on Sunday mornings is a thrilling experience. The best buys are the local handicrafts in the markets and from the street vendors. If you want to shop at exclusive stores these are available as well, with such places as Ashbury?s. Cameron Galley and Kate Design.

The Turtle Beach Bar and Grill has a party atmosphere all day long. It doesn?t have to be after dark to have a good time here. The favorite place on St. Kitts is Bambi?s, which is where you will find most of the local people. There is not much nightlife on Nevis and things are usually pretty quiet. The bars in the resorts are where you will find most of the action.




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