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Saba is a tiny island where tourists will find a peaceful setting for a luxurious vacation. This island was once an extinct volcano and does not contain any beaches like the other Caribbean Islands. It does offer a spectacular flower garden of orchids, giant elephant ears and Eucharist lilies. This is the destination of choice for scuba divers because of the sheer depth of the ocean due to the volcanic cliffs. The top of Saba is called Mount Scenery, aptly named because of the spectacular view it affords to those who climb it.

Although it is part of the Netherlands, English is the main language spoken in Saba. In order to get to Saba, you can take a ferry from St. Maarten and many tourists consider Saba as a day trip from there. Taxis meet every flight that lands at the airport on Saba, so you don?t have to worry about transportation when you arrive.  The currency is the Netherlands Antilles guilder and you don?t have to go through customs when you arrive here. Saba is known as a free port.


The villages on Saba have a storybook feel to them. Tiny white house are perched on the sides of the mountain and each house has its own family cemetery. It seems as it you are in a scene from Mary Poppins as you see the steps carved out of the rocks. This was the way the early settlers had of getting from one village to another. The first Jeep only came to the island in the late 1940?s.

There are two museums on the island ? the Major Osmar Ralph Simmons Museum in Bottom and the Harry L. Johnson Museum located in Windwardside. Here you will find many artefacts and details about the lives of the early settlers.

Accommodations and Dining

There is a wide range of accommodations available on this small island. If you are looking for a restful vacation where you can just laze around and still operate on a budget, then this is the island for you. The accommodations are reasonably priced and you can choose a cottage or a hotel room. For example, the cottages at The Cottage Club rent for less than $120US per night and children under 12 are free.

Willard?s Of Saba and the Queen?s Garden Resort are more luxurious and of course more costly, but you also have more amenities, such as a restaurant and a Jacuzzi in some of the suites. You do need to make reservations at the restaurants in these resorts.

The best restaurant on the island is the Brigadoon Pub and Eatery, serving Caribbean and American cuisine. The meals are not expensive and include garden fresh vegetables and local seafood. The Saba Chinese Bar and Restaurant is another location where you can get a great meal at a great price. Just about every village has a restaurant, often with outdoor dining locations to let you enjoy the beautiful weather along with your meal.

Shopping and Nightlife

Purchase a piece of genuine Caribbean art at the Peanut Gallery, where there are works of art by local Saban artists as well as from other islands. One of the most sought after crafts on the island is Saba lace, which is the mainstay of many families. Many articles of clothing are made from this lace and you can purchase them in most of the local stores.

When you enter any store, the first thing you?ll notice is that the sales people will start a conversation. You will quickly become part of the family if you spend any length of time here.

On the weekends, Saba is a party island. There are many bars and pubs with various types of music such as disco, steel bands or even a barbeque. It doesn?t matter where the event is taking place because everyone is invited.




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