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Martinique has been called the ?Island of Flowers? and visiting here is like visiting an old city in France. The charm and the elegance of the beaches, the ambiance of the island and the friendly people will make this a vacation to remember. French is the main language and only a few people at the resorts speak English. The currency is the Euro, just as in mainland France. There are many destinations to choose on the island, such as Fort-de-France, Point du Bout, the South Loop and the North Loop.

Fort-de-France has white sandy beaches and the northern end of the island has gray sandy beaches. Fort-de-France is the most crowded destination, so if you are looking to get away from crowds, then you might want to choose another destination.


La Savane is a beautiful garden in the heart of Fort-de-France where you can rest and have a picnic. It is surrounded by small shops and cafes and in the middle is a statue of Josephine, wife of Napoleon. The Cathedale St. Louis is an impressive iron building.

At Pointe du Bout, you can visit the home where Josephine lived as a child and the church where she was christened still remains. There is a museum and a botanical garden, the Parc des Floralies, here as well as the remains of an 18th century distillery.

Visited the Petrifed Savannna Forest in Ste. Anne where the petrified volcanic boulders look like logs. It is here you will also find the only gay beach on Martinique. Every tourist has to visit the ruins of St. Pierre, which was destroyed by a volcanic eruption. The area off the coast is popular with scuba divers with 12 wrecks under the sea.


There is no problem finding accommodations on Martinique. Stay at a luxurious resort, such as the La Kalenda in Point du Bout or the Hotel Amyris in Ste. Luce. It is hard to find cheap accommodations here as this is a tourist mecca. Dining however, ranges from expensive to inexpensive with a wide range of menus. Most of the restaurants do offer French cuisine, and there are a few that offer International cuisine as well


When the sun goes down Martinique comes alive. There are so many pubs and clubs that it would be impossible to visit them all in one vacation. There is music and dancing to suit all tastes and various drinks for you to try.


Most of the people and tourists from the other islands come to Martinique for shopping. There is a wealth of malls and small boutiques where you can find delights that you would only expect to find in Paris. In the mixture, there are street vendors and market stalls where you can purchase local crafts at exceptionally low prices.





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