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When visiting Jamaica, tourists are advised to stick to the resort and to take the tours organized for them. Most tourists never get to see the drugs, crime and racial unrest that exists in Jamaica and this is why you have to be really careful when you visit. If you book your vacation on your own or want to see the island on your own, you have to be prepared to put up with being hassled by numerous street vendors.

In spite of this Jamaica has many beautiful resorts and beaches where you will be well protected. It is only the same as visiting any major city. You just have to know where to go and watch your belongings.


Jamaica is a very large island, so there are many places to stay, dine, and see all the major tourist attractions. There are many fine golf courses and the shopping is divine. Negril is one of the most popular places for beaches and all-inclusive resorts. The Sandals resorts are located in Ocho Rios and there are more traditional resorts here as well. If you want to escape the crowds, then the resorts of Port Antonio are the ones to choose.

General Information

The resort you choose will arrange ground transportation for you, but you can take a taxi or rent a car. If you do take a taci, be sure to negotiate the rate before you start, as the taxis do not have meters. Without negotiating prior to leaving, you might find that you will pay far too much. There is public transportation, in the way of buses, but these are very unreliable. Renting a car could be very costly as well because with the influx of tourists the prices have risen drastically.

The currency is the Jamaican dollar, which looks almost like the UD dollar. There is no fixed rate of exchange, so its best if you do the exchange before you arrive. This will help you keep most of your money and not lose it to unscrupulous dealers. As a rule, a 10% or 15% tip is expected in the restaurants and you will have to pay an airport tax when you leave. At the present time, this is the equivalent of about $16 US.


There is a wealth of activities that you can enjoy when you visit Jamaica. These include:
? Deep-sea fishing
? Scuba diving
? Snorkelling
? Horseback riding
? Rafting
? Tennis

You can take a tour to see the major tourist attractions in Jamaica. These include day and evening cruises and a helicopter tour. There are many great houses in Jamaica as then homes of plantation owners. You will notice that they are built on high ground so as to offer a full view of the plantation. Greenwood Great House is a 15-room mansion and Rose Hall Great House is the most famous plantation home on Jamaica. It has been featured in many Gothic novels. It was built in 1778 and has one time had more than 2000 slaves working the fields.

If you stay at Ochi Rios, you have to visit Fern Gully. This is a lush gorge where hundreds of different ferns thrive. Visit the ruins of Edinburgh Castle, once the home of one of Jamaica?s most notorious criminals, a Scotsman named Lewis Hutchinson, who used to shoot the passersby and toss their bodies into a deep pit. The statue of Christophet Columbus at St. Ann?s Bay is the sight of many photos.

Enjoy a day at the Brimmer Hall Estate, where you can swim, have a meal and shop in the gift store. The Coyaba River Gardenand Museum is a Spanish style museum with beautiful blooming flowers native to Jamaica. Climb with a guide to the top of Dunn?s River Falls and see the beautiful artwork on display at Harmony Hall.

The Columbus Park Museum in Discovery Bay has a fantastic collection of artefacts and the Seville Great House has many artefacts dating back to the time of the Amerindians and the slaves.

Each of the places on Jamaica has many sites for you to visit and there are many shopping malls for you to enjoy. Whatever you are looking for you will find it here. Dining is an enjoyable experience with the wealth of restaurants ranging from very expensive fine dining to inexpensive casual dining.





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