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Bonaire is spectacular for a family vacation, but it is very popular with scuba divers and snorkellers. You will find fantastic beaches here, but without the crowds. It is the premier destination if you want privacy and rest. Although there are miles of fantastic beaches, there are not a lot of restaurants, pubs and casinos.

Bonaire doesn?t attract the crowds you?ll find on other Caribbean islands. However, it does have just as many attractions. It is a haven for bird watchers with the numerous white flamingos. In addition to these there are over 190 different species of birds, so it is essential that you bring your binoculars. Mountain biking is one of the best ways to see everything about Bonaire with its more than 185 miles of trails. You can also enjoy sailing, windsurfing and kayaking.

The island of Bonaire is actually a reef. Spearfishing is not allowed here nor are you permitted to take any coral as a souvenir. The shores around the island are fascinating with the many brightly colored tropical fish.

Bonaire Attractions

Visit Kralendiuk, a small town with about 2500 people. This town is almost like aq dollhouse with stuccoed building painted in pink, orange and green, There are many fishing boats and yachts at the pier and the main street of the town travels along the waterfront. See the unique stained glass windows at St. Bernard?s Catholic Church and the lone cannon at Fort Oranje, which dates back to Napoleonic times.

The vegetation and the wildlife are the main drawing cards to taking a two hour tour of the island. The tour will take you to all the popular locations such as the towers of the DutchWorld Radio Station, Goto Meer, with an inland saltwater lake and the palm trees of Dos Pos.

The oldest village in Bonarire, Rincon, was once a slave village, The huts are still here, but this village is known for its homemade ice cream. Nearby, you will see some of the Arawack inscriptions on the rocks, and at Boca Onima, there are very strange coral grottoes. Seroe Largo will provide you with a spectacular look at Kralendiuk and the sea. This is a popular spot with lovers because of the romantic setting.

When you visit the Washington National Park, you can take a few hours to go through the park, but if you are a nature lover, it will take you days to enjoy everything that this park has to offer. See the black and white beach at Boca Cocolishi, where you can have a secluded picnic. There are also landlocked bays, such as Sorobon Beach, Lac Lay Beach and  Boca Cai, where the water is so clear you can see the coral. You will also find conch shells piled on the beaches.

Shopping and Nightlife

There are many stores in Kralendiuk where you can buy just about anything. The prices are about 50% cheaper than they are in the US and the prices are quoted in US dollars. The selection of items ranges from leather coats, crystal and beach wraps from Indonesia.

There are two casinos on Bonaire  - Plain Resort Bonaire Casino and Divi Flamingo Beach Resort and Casino. If you prefer something a little less noisy, then Karel?s Beach Bar offers you a Tahitian experience in the Caribbean. Many divers congregate at this bar and local bands perform on the weekends. The funkiest bar is reputed to be the City Café because of the color scheme and the no-holds-barred vibes.

Dining and Accommodations

All the hotels in Bonaire face the beach and are low key. They are very personalized locations where the guests can get to know one another quite easily. There are very expensive accommodations, such as the Harbour Village Beach Resort with its cluster of Dutch style villas. Captain Don?s Habitat is very popular and it is built on a coral bluff overlooking the beach. The Carib Inn is an intimate little diving resort and is relatively inexpensive and the vacation homes offered by Coco Palm Garden and Casa Oleander are worth a second look if you want luxury on a budget.

Dining is an experience all its own in Bonaire. From Northern Italian cuisine at the Capriccio, seafood at It Rains Fish or international cuisine at the Blue Moon, you have a wide array of choices in menus and prices.

The beaches are what most people come to Bonaire to enjoy and anything else is truly a bonus.




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