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Anguilla has recently become the premier destination spot of tourists vacationing in the Caribbean. Safe, secluded, serene and spectacular are adjectives used to describe this island that has some of the best beaches in the Caribbean. The temperature usually stays around 27º C, but during the rainy season from June to October, it can get much hotter. This is why people choose the rest of the year as the time to visit Anguilla.

Amerindians settled Anguilla about 3500 years ago. During the age of exploration, it became a British colony and large cotton, tobacco and salt plantations developed. Anguilla is still a British colony, but with a higher degree of home rule. The people of this island are very friendly and due to the British influence, English is the main language.

Anguilla Attractions

The best beach on Anguilla are said to be at Shoal Bay East. This area is perfect for snorkelling and swimming and with hotels and restaurants right on the beach, you have all the amenities right at your fingertips. This beach is also in close proximity to the Fountain, the main archaeological site. Here you will find rare petroglyphs of ancient tribes including a rare drawing of Jocahu, the God of Creation.

The only town on the island is called the Valley. Here you can so some shopping among the many mini-malls, but there are also several tourist attractions. These include the Anguilla National Trust Museum, where you will find many historical displays. Tourists are also fascinated by the exterior of Wallblack House and the church, with its decorative front, a ceiling in the shape of a ship and open sides.

Scuba diving is a popular activity on Anguilla and the main destination is the Prickly Pear Caves. Here you will find caverns and ledges, but you will also encounter barracudas and sharks. Divers can reach these caves by taking a boat from Sandy Ground. Boat racing is the main sport on the island.

Shopping and Nightlife

There are local art galleries where you can purchase the works of local artists. Shopping is basically limited to the small stores in The Valley, but if you want to do some serious shopping, there is a regular ferry to St. Martin?s ? only a 30 minute crossing. There is not much nightlife or gambling here either, but Anguilla is noted for its gourmet restaurants and luxurious accommodations. The main source of nightly entertainment is at the bars in the hotels, but the Pumphouse Bar and Grill is fast becoming one of the hotspots with its 30 different rums.


Accommodations range from very expensive, such as at the Cap Juluca, the Malliouhana and the Meads Bay Hideaway to the moderately priced Arawack Beach Inn and the Anguilla Great House Beach Resort. For those tourists on a budget, the Easy Corner Villas are a great place to rent one, two or three bedroom apartments where you can do your own cooking.

The same price ranges exist in dining. The Blanchards features the best cuisine on the island and you might like to taste the creations of Chef Raoul Rodriguez at Hibernia for French and West Indian cuisine. There are also moderately prices restaurants such as Bistro Phil, Cedar Grove and Mango?s. Cora?s Pepperpot features inexpensive home cooked meals and the Ferryboat Inn has some of the best deals on the island.




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