Caribbean Luxury Travel Vacation Guide

The Caribbean is a collection of islands, and almost all have tropical paradises with every type of holiday accommodations from backpacker hostels to luxury resorts. The Caribbean islands have their own distinct cultures and a way of life that visitors find enthralling. The warm sandy beaches, excellent diving and surfing locations are the main drawing card, but there is a wealth of history in the Caribbean. The scenery is breathtaking and the opportunities for outdoor activities are absolutely staggering. Plus, the markets and shopping are divine, with everything from designer labels to handmade crafts


Caribbean Luxury Beaches, Diving and Water Sports.

The abundance of shipwrecks makes the Caribbean one of the most popular diving destinations in the world. Each island has well-equipped dive shops and guides to take you to the best of the best. Explore the underwater world with the coral reefs and exotic species of fish that you will only find in the Caribbean. If you are not into deep sea diving, there are many opportunities for snorkeling and swimming, those are anywhere there are beaches, which means just about everywhere. While on the Caribbean beaches, surf the big waves or watch those that do, go windsurfing and para sailing, the warm waters of the Caribbean are waiting for you.

Caribbean Historic Sites

This is the land that Christopher Columbus "discovered" when he came to America and many of the historic sites are dedicated to him. Travel in the footsteps of the ancient peoples that were native to these islands and see the statues of the freedom fighters that helped gain independence for many of the islands from Spain. In contrast many of the islands are still colonies of European countries and so visiting select islands of the Caribbean can be almost like taking a tour of Europe. The island of St. Maarten is actually two different countries, Holland and France, so you can get a taste of the flavor of two nations in one.

Caribbean Luxury Tourist Attractions

Make sure you take a trip to the rain forest, climb to the top of dormant volcanoes, visit the many wildlife reserves and go bird watching. There are many plantations you can visit as well as Spanish style mansions. Visit the ruins of old forts and shop at the markets. These islands have many specialty malls and stores where you will find whatever you need.

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