Explorers and adventurers alike have delighted in the highlands of Tibet. The majesty and beauty exhibited by the scenery of Tibet have proven to be a photographers dream as well. Amongst the countless mountains one will find a number of canyons and unexplored natural features. Complementing the splendor of the natural landscape are cultural features in the form of religious monuments and the like. Those wishing to visit should do so in the summer season as it tends to be extremely cold and undesirable during other times of the year. The climate may be a harsh one but the summer is absolutely gorgeous in Tibet. 


 Lhasa and Shigatse

Perhaps two of the most important cities in Tibet, Lhasa and Shigatse are home to the majority of religious monuments in the area. Along with the plethora of religious shrines in these two cities, a quantity of tourist facilities and numerous other visitor attractions exist therein. Tours of the region are offered by the tourism board during the visitor season and are of exceptional quality. Not only do they encompasses a walkthrough of these two fine cities but also they include a visit to Jorkhang Temple, which is the site of many pilgrimages.

Travel to Tibet

Many suggest that travel to Tibet not be taken lightly as deciding to travel there takes quite the commitment, both mentally and financially. The area can be somewhat harsh and the trip there can be very costly, especially if one wishes to travel independently. For those wishing to fly to Tibet, peering out the window upon arriving is highly advised, if you are not too squeamish, as the views of the Himalayas are spectacular.

Travel within Tibet

As there are no domestic airlines in Tibet and the terrain is sometimes unforgiving, the only method of travel within the region is by automobile, which can easily be obtained from a travel agent.


The predominant language spoken in the area is Tibetan and learning a little will certainly help you as you journey through the region. The people are a very friendly bunch and as such will gladly aid your journey through Tibet. 


Those who have a visa exemption agreement with Hong Kong do not require a visa to visit Tibet. All others visitors do..

Food & Drink

The staples of Tibetan cuisine include barley, meat and dairy products. One may take notice of the lack of vegetables in the higher altitudes. Also of the meats cooked and consumed, beef and mutton are perhaps the most popular and are heavily spiced with ginger and a variety of additional spices.


Tibet is a relatively safe place to visit for tourists as any health concerns revolve around the climate. It is wise to pack for the extremes of the Tibetan climate.


Those looking to pick up that exotic item with which to commemorate their journey to Tibet can find all sorts of things at the Barkhor shopping center in Lhasa. Many fascinating objects can be uncovered including such things as rosaries, amulets, hats, gems, Tibetan rugs and other handicrafts, and at bargain prices also.
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