Ko Samui
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Ko Samui

This part of Thailand was undiscovered until backpackers came across it in the 1970's. Since then luxury travel to Ko Samui has come into its own and the small but high quality resorts now fit gracefully between the backpacker hostels and both fit naturally into the land.



Things to Do

Explore the island villages and taste the Samui coconuts. These are reputed to be the best fruits to use in a Thai massage. They are also fantastic in the various beachfront bars that dot the beaches.

Flights to Ko Samui

There are quick, cheap flights from Bangkok ($100 to $200 depending upon time and season). The Ko Samui Airport is out of Fantasy Island, two landing strips and an air-conditioned tiny, palm frond shrouded, terminal.

Getting Around Ko Samui

From the airport you will either have a reserved shuttle bus take you to your luxury resort, or, if none arrives it's perfectly safe to jump in a minibus that will drop you off (in your turn) . The drivers are particularly friendly and you don't get that feeling they are trying to "rip you off" by negotiating hard for the fare.

A good two lane highway runs around the outside of the island. It connects nearly all the resorts. Around each curve seems to be another beach with 2 to 4 hostels or hotels (depending on how developed). Each of these are in easy taxi distance to the developed villiges where you can go to relax at night, or stay at your resort, enjoy the food, drink and moon rising over the perfect water.

Ko Samui has managed the development-balancing act fairly well. Granted there are few, if any, totally empty beaches but most of the island is free of concrete monstrosities and the water is pristine.

Attractions in Ko Samui


Visit the monumental landmark of the Big Buddha Statue with a gift shop in the center of the temple where you can buy all kinds of items. Gaze in awe at the beauty that surrounds you as you visit some of the spectacular waterfalls on this island. Ben Thurian is the largest and the most impressive with two separate falls and at the Hin Lad Waterfall, you can walk in the shade of the huge trees.Visiting the Monkey Theatre and the Butterfly Gardens is also quite popular.


Note: If you want to go between resorts it's advisable to take the highway (by taxi or walking along the side of the road) rather than cutting crosscountry between resorts. The later lends itself to getting lost for a few hours as well as cuts, bruises and more. Editor: Don't ask how we know this.


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