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Known as the Venice of Southeast Asia and the City of Angels, Bangkok is the first place you should visit when you choose to visit Thailand. You can reach most of the tourist attractions in this city by travelling on the river and the luxury hotels usually provide free water transportation.


Temple of Dawn

Visit the Temple of Dawn and climb the 100 yards to the top for the most breathtaking view. The platform halfway to the top of this temple affords you a commanding view of the Chao Phraya River. The artwork and the architecture of this temple is something that you might only see in picture books.

Grand Palace, Wat Phra Keo, Emerald Buddha

Take a tour of the Grand Palace to see the Palace of the Kings. Make sure you are dressed appropriately because shorts, tank tops and summer wear are prohibited within this site. In the center of the Royal Palace, you will find Wat Phra Keo, which houses the Emerald Buddha. This is the most sacred temple in the country and all visitors have to remove their footwear before entering.

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