Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

With its increasing popularity in terms of tourist activity, the country of Sri Lanka provides an outstanding cultural and visual experience. The flora and fauna provide quite the spectacle, especially for the nature enthusiast. For those who enjoy sunbathing and swimming the country of Sri Lanka is in possession of numerous sandy beaches as well. What?s more, sports aficionados may enjoy Sri Lanka for its superb, and highly acclaimed, cricket playing fields.



For history buffs there is perhaps no better attraction in the world. Sigiriya was once the site of a magnificent city and is no the site of the 5th century ruins. Along with the fact that it lies on a plain that rises some 180 meters above the surrounding land, the ancient city ruins are extraordinary in their portrayal of symmetry and design. Sigiriya is actually considered to be perhaps the best preserved city site in the entirety of Asia. Numerous water gardens and pathways also outline the ancient city making it all the more beautiful. 

Travel to Sri Lanka

Upon arriving at the Colombo Bandaranaike airport a visitor traveling to the city would require some means of transportation, as the city is some 29 kilometers away. Shuttle buses are available as are taxi services to ensure that you arrive at your destination safe and sound. You can also arrive in Sri Lanka via boat at one of the five major ports.

Travel within Sri Lanka

Traveling from tourist city to tourist city can be performed in a number of ways. Trains connect the majority of these points of interest and are the operative means of transportation. One can also choose to travel via taxi and bus services as well as via rented automobiles.


The most popular languages in Sri Lanka include Sinhala, Tamil and English.

All business visitors are required to be in possession of visas and passports. Nationals from a rather extensive list of countries are able to travel to Sri Lanka without a visa though.

Food & Drink

The majority of foods are heavily spiced and as such visitors should proceed with caution, especially when ordering curries. Vegetables, fruits, meats and seafood are common elements of the cuisine in Sri Lanka as well as a variety of other ethnic dishes from India, Japan and China. The nationally recognized drink, tea, is regarded as the best in the entire world by many tourists.


While most visits to Sir Lanka are no cause for concern and indeed free of trouble, there still remains a terrorist threat. Moreover several parts of the country remain heavily mined but should be of no consequence.


Sri Lanka is home to a number of vast shopping malls where visitors can purchase anything from handicrafts to exquisite masks.


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