South Korea

The official name of South Korea is the Republic of Korea and local people refer to it as Hanguk or Namham. This country in Southeast Asia has a diverse landscape with forested mountains in the east separated by deep valleys. There are densely populated coastal plains to the south and west and most of the 3000 islands off the coast are uninhabited.

The climate is mainly temperate with the rainy season occurring during the summer. The winters can be bitterly cold, so if you plan to visit during this time of the year, bring warm clothing with you.



This is the capital city of the country with many special sights for you to see. The Gyeonbokgung Palace is only one of five palaces in the city with a history dating back 500 years. The palace takes up 5.4 million square feet with extensive areas for you to visit, such as the Queen?s personal living area. The view of the of the Amisan Mountain is breathtaking and the Sipjangsaeng gulduk (chimney) is listed as a National Treasure.

Mount Namsan is a symbolic mountain in the heart of the city and at the top there are a variety of facilities, such as the Seoul Tower, the Marine Aquarium, botanical gardens and a museum.


Busan is one of the metropolitan cities in South Korea. Some of the places of interest in this city include the 40 Steps Culture and Tourism Theme Street. This is a quiet place in the midst of a bustling city. The symbolic statue of a figure playing an accordion is in the middle of the steps and right behind it is a box that plays a famous Korean song about the 40 steps. Learn the history and tragedy of Busan at the Memorial Hall, where you will see the culture of the country up close.

Both Seoul and Busan have 5 star hotels, as do all the metropolitan cities. You will not find accommodations lacking in any details when you visit South Korea.

Travel to South Korea

To travel to South Korea, you can fly into the International airport in Seoul. There are several different tours you can take inside the country, such as a tour of the demilitarized zone and a Royal Relics Tour.

Food and Drinks

The staple dish of South Korea is kimchi, which along with rice is served at every meal. It is a food that you do have to acquire a taste for. Its main component is radish. Barbequed and grilled meat is also popular here as well as different noodle and rice dishes.

Water and barley tea are the drinks served with meals. There are many tea and coffee shops, though, and there are many types of alcoholic drinks and beer. The traditional drink of South Korea is called soju and whitish colored drinks made from rice or potatoes are also popular.


The main language is Korean, but in areas frequented by tourists many of the hotels and stores have staff that can speak some English.


In order to visit South Korea, you need to have a valid passport as well as a travel Visa. There are 99 countries from which visitors do not need to have a travel Visa, so you should check this out when you make your travel plans.


The crime rate on South Korea is low, but there is some pick pocketing in the tourist areas. When you visit this country, as with any other place, just use common sense and keep your valuables locked up, don?t carry a lot of money on your when you go outside and avoid being alone on the streets at night.


Korea is a shopper?s paradise with fantastic prices on anything you might want to buy. There are makers of custom name shoes and clothing and Myeong-Dong is a massive shopping city within Seoul. All the cities have major market areas where you can find all kinds of treasures to take back home with you.


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