Experience all that the Philippines has to offer when you decide to come here for a vacation. Unique wildlife and uninhabited tropical islands are yours to explore. With the dazzling nightlife, luxurious accommodations and shopping to die for, you are in for the time of your life.



Manila is the capital of the Philippines and at one time it was a heavily fortified city. The walls have been restored at the Intramuros, giving you a small glimpse into the past. You can see the outside of the impressive Church of Christ with its green and white spires. The churches in this city are not open to visitors. You have to be a member of the church to enter.

The spectacular sunset at Manila Bay is something you have to witness before you leave the Philippines. Visit the Ayala Museum and rest for a while in the Greenbelt Park. Along with the heavenly sounds of prayer that come from the circular Catholic Church comes the mouth watering smells from the eateries that line the other side of the street.

Travel to the Philippines

All the major airlines in the world have flights to Manila. It takes 17 hours to fly there from New York and 3.5 hours from Singapore.  Inside the country you can travel by rail or bus. Manila has a bus service as well as taxis for you to use.


For most foreign visitors to the Philippines, you don?t need a Visa for visits of less than 21 days. Any amount of time over the three weeks does require a Visa. All visitors have to have a valid passport

Food and Drink

You will find many varied foods in the Philippines. However, you should make sure that the food is well cooked and stay away from salads and cold foods.


Just about everyone speaks English ? even in the remotest locations. The national language is Filipino, but there are many dialects of this language.


All visitors are advised to exercise extreme caution when travelling to the Philippines because of the threat of terrorist attacks. You have to be very vigilant at all times because kidnapping of tourists is quite common.


In Manila, the premier shopping district is the Ayala Center. Here you will find global brand name stores and specialty boutiques. There are also fine dining restaurants and continental cafes. This is the place to shop if you want all the latest in fashion.

In the Ortegas section of Manila, there are three huge shopping malls ? a true paradise for the avid shopper.

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