Perhaps best known for possessing the world?s highest peak, in Mount Everest, the country of Nepal is a brilliant tourist destination. The natural beauty of the country alone is enough to keep a visitor entertained for the duration of their trip. Spellbinding views of the mountains in the distance coupled with many Buddhist architectural features make for a picture filled event. The natural landscape is not only valuable for the stunning scene it provides but also for the profusion of activities associated with it, some of which include hiking and rafting.


 Durbar Square

Amongst the many attractions to witness while visiting Nepal one would come across Durbar Square, located in the Kathmandu Valley. Within the Durbar Square is the Hanuman Dhoka Palace Complex, which is where the coronation of the Nepalese monarch takes place as well as the site of countless other important ceremonies. This palace has much else to offer in the way of architecture and design elements as well. Many elaborate features adorn the building making the structure absolutely dazzling.   

Travel to Nepal

International flights into Nepal are generally quite long, particularly if you are flying from a country not near Nepal. If you wish to visit Nepal from a neighboring country you can catch a flight with Royal Nepal Airlines or simply drive into the country, though a international carnet is required in such a case.  

Travel within Nepal
While in Nepal travel from city to city can be carried out in a number of ways. Domestic flights connecting various points of interest are one means of doing so as is traveling by car, though this can get somewhat tricky as the road system in the country is said to be unpredictable at times. Taxis, buses and railways are additional modes of transportation a tourist can exercise while in Nepal.


Outside of the business world in Nepal English is rarely spoken. The official language, which is spoken by some 49 percent of the population, is Nepali and is accompanied by a slew of other common languages.


Those intending on staying for a visit in Nepal are required to have a visa and passport.

Food & Drink

Spiced vegetable and rice dishes are the most popular elements of Nepalese cuisine. However, one may also notice many pancake-like dishes. National drinks include a number of alcohol beverages of both the beer and spirit variety. 


Nepal is generally a very safe place to visit and it is merely suggested that tourists respect the customs and rules of the country so as not to offend any of the locals.


Locally made clothing including dresses, shawls, jackets, socks and mittens are among the most popular items purchased in Nepal by visitors. Many other ornate sculpted objects are available for purchase as well.


Nightlife is mainly reserved to hotels, as the Nepalese people are generally asleep by ten o?clock.
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