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UlaanBaatar, Capital of Mongolia

For an luxury vacation of a lifetime visit UlaanBaatar, Mongolia and see the Gandan Tegchilean Monastery .UlaanBaatar is the capital of Mongolia and here you will find everything you've been looking for in the most luxurious vacation of a lifetime. This capital is filled with a unique mix of Russian inspired architecture, discos and Internet cafés.  The city is very unique and has many varied aspects.  It is situated in Central East Mongolia and is the center of international and domestic flights, train service and long-distance busing.  You will find that monasteries are in an important part of the city.  The climate is a very dry one where you can enjoy sunny days from most of the year. In the summer temperatures range from 65 to 75° F (20 C), but in winter most of Mongolia can see temperatures at -20° F (-29 C).


Accommodations in UlaanBaatar

In UlaanBaatar, you will find luxury hotels such as the Chinggis Khaan Hotel, which will welcome you to the lap of luxury. You can also choose the Bayangol Hotel or the UlaanBaatar Hotel that will accommodate you in rooms fit for a king.  Relax in the luxury of the spas or by the swimming pool.  This is life at its best.

Dining in UlaanBaatar

Dining here will be an experience of a lifetime.  If you want to try the traditional Mongolian food, you will find that nothing has influenced their cooking style.  Mongolian food typically lacks flavor, spices and variety.  There are places you can dine in elegance and luxury and where you have a choice of many international foods.  This certainly is a place where you can explore different cuisines such has Millie's Café, where you'll find that it's a great spot for breakfast, lunch or coffee.  If you like Indian food then Hazara, which is located on Peace Avenue, is a place for you.  If you're looking for Kimchi, then go to the Seoul Restaurant in the Children's Park. UlaanBaatar is a melting pot for international foods, but as for the Mongolians, their diet consists of meat and dairy products.


The first site you will see will probably be Sukhbaatar Square, which is in the center of the city and this is the place from which all other distances are measured.  This is where Mongolia's independence was declared in July 1921.  It is also where the first protest was held in 1989, which led to the fall of communism.  Today it is a serene place where you only find pigeons or peddlers.  You will also find the great State Parliament House and the Palace of culture at the same landmark. It also contains an impressive Mongolian Art Gallery. 

The highlight of the sites you'll see is the Gandan Tegchilean monastery. This monastery dates back to 1824.  Here you will find tombs of monks that have lain here throughout the centuries.  Today Gandan is a very active place with over 400 monks residing inside its walls.  The monastery is a college of medicine and astrology and most important to Mongolians is the college of Buddhists? philosophy.  This university started in 1970 specializing in Buddhist Tibetan studies.  Located in a separate wall compound you can find art works of Vajradhara that were crafted in 1683.  There are several temples surrounding this monastery that you will find extremely interesting with the history that they offer.  Each temple holds a story of its own.  You'll also find an 80-foot statue of Buddha.  Walk-through the temples in this monastery and feel a sense of the past, but keep in mind you are a visitor here and respect the rules that are laid down by the monks.

Shopping and Nightlife

Shopping here will be an experience all its own. There are numerous souvenir shops and the most popular items are paintings, antiques, crafts, carpets, cashmere, and many other things that will intrigue you from this wonderful world of Mongolia.  Shopping in Mongolia can prove to be a problem trying to hold on to your money because UlaanBaatar is also the home of many pickpockets, so you have to be careful when you're out shopping. 

Surprisingly enough you will also find there is an extensive nightlife in UlaanBaatar. Visit some of the evening clubs, where you can dine in elegance then spend the night dancing to many different styles of music.  Your visit to UlaanBaatar will be a vacation that will go down in the history of your memories and something to be talked about long after you arrive back home.


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