Rich in history, the country of India has quite a lot to offer the curious tourist. Monuments, temples and palaces abound in this mythical region of the world. If this is not to your taste then why not check out what India has to offer in the way of natural features? Gorgeous mountains and lush forested areas with flowing streams create a very serene landscape and make India a rather appealing and pleasurable place to visit. The charming mix of old and new also serves to create a very picturesque landscape.


 Taj Mahal

The architectural feature India has become most famous for, the Taj Mahal, is perhaps the most popular of all tourist attractions in the country. This palace has an awe-inspiring dome feature and the pond leading up to the entrance is breathtaking. Completed during the 17th century, the Taj Mahal honors Mumtaz Mahal, the second wife of Emperor Shah. Marble designs make the feature quite exquisite and certainly a delight to view.

 Kaziranga National Park  

Massive rainforests, vast grasslands and mesmerizing rivers are merely a glimpse of what there is to see at the Kaziranga National Park. Herds of wild animals are on display in this park and certainly of interest as some species are endangered. The one-horned Indian rhino exists in its largest population in the world inside the park and is one of the major draws at the park.

Travel to India

India is well connected to a number of its neighbors in a variety of ways, thus travel between these countries is quite simple. Elsewhere, the operative mode of transportation would likely be airplane. The country has a number of airports at which commercial flights land and travel times, while they can be in access of eight hours from London, do not seem particularly long. The country also has six ports at which a traveler can arrive via boat. Rail systems are in place as well and many choose to visit the country by railway.

Travel within India

India has a rather extensive transportation system in place and as such traveling internally can be done so easily and through a number of means. Railways are quite popular as are buses and taxis. Renting your own car and traversing the country is quite possible as well. There are domestic flights as well via Indian Airlines and they are relatively inexpensive. One can also travel from port to port by boat quite effortlessly.


The country of India can be said to exhibit a patchwork of languages. While Hindu is accepted as the official language, English is widely spoken and there are some 17 other regional languages used throughout the country.


Both visas and passports are required by all who enter the country.

Food & Drink

Indian food is rather heavily spiced as the traditional Indian cook is required to possess roughly 25 spices and use them accordingly. In the north of India meat dishes are more common, whereas in the south, vegetable are more popular. Tea, fruit drinks and domestic spirits and wine are among the national drinks.


Several rural areas of India are a little risky to travel through as they are hampered by terrorist activity. However a vacation in India will generally result in no danger or conflict. 


Those in search of specialty made goods and apparel have come to the right place. India boasts quite a variety of clothing and exotic items throughout its many markets. Bargaining is commonplace and is virtually unnecessary as the prices are more than reasonable. Carpets, jewelry, spices and woodwork are just a number of the items one would find in India. 


In the majority of places throughout India, cultural performances and venues will provide the bulk of the entertainment. Though western-style clubs are becoming more popular, especially in the larger cities, they have as of yet been minimal.
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