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    On Monday, May 12, 2008, a 7.9 magnitude earthquake hit about 100 kilometers northwest     of Chengdu in central China. It is the worst quake in 3 decades in Sichuan, and casualties are     approaching 10,000 people. Chongoing and Shifang cities are badly damaged.

Normally the wealth of attractions that China has to offer its visitors is unprecedented in any other part of the world; thousands of years of civilization have left their mark on the worlds 4th largest, and most populous, nation.

Some of the most visited attractions include the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City, the Terra Cotta Warriors and the Silk Market.

The Great Wall of China, supposedly seen from orbit, stretches for thousands of miles and will leave you awestruck as you contemplate the great feats of those involved in its construction.

Take a tour that will bring you to all the major cities of China giving you a glimpse of the vastness of this country. One example of such a tour would be a Yangtze River Cruise that will take you to such places as Chongqing, Fendu, known as the Ghost City, the gorges of Badong and the Hubei Provincial Museum at Wuhan. Choose from 5 day cruises or take one that lasts two weeks ? you will enjoy luxurious accommodations in all the cities you visit and guided tours of bilingual guides.

Five star accommodations are available in all the major cities, such as the Golden Gulf Hotel in Shantou. This hotel has elaborate guest rooms and a restaurant serving Asian and International cuisine.

When traveling around China, especially as part of a luxury travel tour, it is not advisable to rely on the public transportation, unless you are really adventurous. The best means of getting around is by cab and most cab drivers speak English because the government has mandated it. Don?t be surprised if the driver engages you in conversation just to practice his English. That being said, you should also make an attempt to learn to speak some Mandarin or Chinese, as not only are you more likely to get what you want, but the average person will appreciate of your attempts to speak to them in their own language


Every tourist visiting China has to spend a night or two in Beijing and tour the attractions that this city has to offer. There is actually so much that it would be impossible to cover it in one day. Tiananmen Square is very famous as the site of the student protests in 1989, but there is no evidence of the tragedy here now.

Accommodations in Beijing

Stay at the 5 star Beijing New Century Hotel only 25 minutes from the center of the city. With elegant rooms, a restaurant and a fitness center, this luxury hotel provides you with breathtaking views of the surrounding area. It is also conveniently located so that you can walk to many nearby attractions.

Tourist Attractions in Beijing

When you visit Beijing, you have to include a visit to the Beijing Zoo, known as a panda?s paradise where you will see these delightful teddy bear animals in their natural habitat. At Tiananmen Square you can visit the building where Mao Tse-Tung?s Body is buried and enter the underground tunnel to take you to the Forbidden City. Walk through the many courtyards are try to imagine the lifestyle the ruling families of China in this magnificent location.

Stop in the Imperial Garden and visit the Hill of Collecting Evidence, from which the Emperor used to make announcements to the people. It would be helpful to purchase an audio detailing all of the sights so that you can understand it in your own language.

Visit the Temple of Heaven and stroll through the spectacular gardens. Gaze in amazement at the carvings depicting the clouds on the marble walls. Take a ferry to the island to visit the Summer Palace, surrounded by a man-made lake. This is a large area which will take you a day or more to see all the sights. Visit the Marble Boat and climb the temple on the top of the hill by taking the staircase with its tiny steps.

Wang Fu Jing is a strip of eateries and stores where you can purchase your souvenirs. The Silk Alley is a delightful place where you can buy designer items ? you should know that these are all fake, which accounts for the discount prices.

Documentation to visit China (PRC; People?s Republic of China)

China, formally known as People?s Republic of China (PRC) has documentation requirements for most visitors. These depend on your destination and the duration of your visit. You do need a travel Visa, which you can get from the Chinese embassy in your home country
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