Possessing some of the most awesome architectural structures in the World, the country of Cambodia is bordered by other countries on three sides with the remaining side open to the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Dynasties ruled during the 12th and 13th centuries and left a wealth of artifacts behind and as such touring the country can be a wonderful experience for the historian and artifact enthusiast alike. Amongst the splendor of the natural landscape one will find sparkling beaches, meandering rivers and enormous jungles.


With the abundance of artifacts and ancient architectural structures that exist in Cambodia one would expect the country to offer a plethora of attractions to visitors, as is the case. One of particular interest is the Angkor Temple Complex, built between the 9th and 12th centuries. This site was hidden for many years and finally discovered sometime during the 19th century. Since then this astounding feature has been captivating every visitors in its presence.

Travel to Cambodia

Most individuals traveling to Cambodia do so by airplane and land at one of the many paved airstrip airports, after a brief stopover at another Southeast Asian destination. There are, in addition to those with paved airstrips, a number of non-paved airstrip airports that are frequented much less and not at all via commercial aircrafts.

Travel within Cambodia

Buses, automobiles and motorcycles are indeed the preferred means of travel within Cambodia. However, cyclos are a viable means of transportation within the country also.


Many people in Cambodia speak English, though the national language is Khmer. Finding an individual who speaks fluent English may be quite a task though as the ethnic population is relatively homogeneous.


While obtaining a visa is not necessary during your visit to Cambodia, if you are there for a short time that is, one can easily be obtained for a small fee from the airport upon landing.

Food & Drink

Staples on the Cambodian menu include many seafood and rice dishes. There are of course, many other specialties that abound in the country, especially in the capital city Phnom Penh where one can choose from a wide variety of ethnic dishes.


Hailed by art and sculpture enthusiasts as one of the premier places to shop for elaborate, expensive carvings, stones, and exquisite paintings, shopping in Cambodia truly a rich experience.


The capital city of Phnom Penh offers a rather extensive range of entertaining venues for tourists to enjoy. Whether you are into the nightlife and would like to visit a karaoke bar or you are more interested in the cultural events and would enjoy taking in a theatre performance, there is something within the city that meets your desires.


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