This densely populated country of South Asia, neighbored by only India and Myanmar, has quickly grown into a remarkably popular tourist destination. The capital city of Dhaka is an excellent starting place for those looking to see the country as it has much to offer to visitors. Numerous other large cities in Bangladesh are of interest but are much less fascinating than the town of Cox?s bazar. Hotels in the area actually have to be booked months in advance as the stretch of beautiful coastline beach is perhaps the longest in the world and thus is quite alluring to tourists.



 Chittagong, along with being the second largest city in Bangladesh, is a marvelous place for visitors. Not only is the area well-endowed with natural beauty but also has much in the way of cultural and historic attractions. Amidst the coconut groves and lush forests one will find numerous mosques and tombs to explore and marvel at. Within the city one can also explore the Rangamati Hill District, which is known for the natural splendor of lakes and the surrounding flora as well as the indications of tribal culture.

Travel to Bangladesh


There are numerous airports throughout Bangladesh at which commercial flights land, yet a trip to the country is likely to entail a stopover flight at a nearby larger airport.

Travel within Bangladesh

As with many countries, tourists have the option of renting a car for travel within the country. Other means of transportation include coach lines, railway and even boat or ship transport via the ocean and rivers.


Bangla, or Bengali as it is also commonly called, is the official language of Bangladesh, however many people recognize English as a frequently spoken language as well.


Visa and passport are requirements when traveling to the country.

Food & Drink

Many dishes consist of both meat and vegetables and are heavily spiced. Lamb is a common meat cooked and is served with lentils on occasion. Outside of the more traditional cuisine prepared in Bangladesh one would find numerous other ethnic dishes, especially in the larger, more popular restaurants and hotels. Those who enjoy alcoholic beverages might be displeased with the fact that consumption of these beverages is severely limited.


Terrorist bombings, while no longer common, have been known to occur in the past as Bangladesh was a volatile place. While there is still a very small threat present, it is by no means as high as it was in the past. Travelers to the area should be aware of this fact.


Well-known for its pink pearls, Bangladesh shopping is somewhat limited. Mainly arts and crafts are sold in the small stores, though they tend to be quite exquisite.


Those seeking nightlife activities in bars and the like should look elsewhere. Outside of the few club-like settings located in the leading hotels, Western style nightclubs cease to exist. One can certainly take in a theatre performance though as the capital city, Dhaka, has recently constructed a massive theatre hall.

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