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Asia conjures up the exotic and mystery. Snake Charmers and Elephant drivers, Taj Mahal and Angkor Wat temples, Teeming hot cities like Calcutta and Hong Kong. Desolate sparsely populated areas like frozen remote Mount Everest in the Himalaya's or the hot Gobi Desert in Mongolia.
Asia, our world's most populous and largest continent is all this and so much more. Asia has over 4 billion people, China and India have half of it.

China Travel Tips for Luxury Vacations.

China has a wealth of attractions to offer its visitors and is unprecedented in any other part of the world; thousands of years of civilization have left their mark on the worlds 4th largest nation. Some of the most visited attractions include the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City, the Terra Cotta Warriors and the Silk Market.

The Great Wall of China.

It stretches for thousands of miles and will leave you awestruck as you contemplate the great feats of those involved in its construction.

Take a tour that will bring you to all the major cities of China giving you a glimpse of the vastness of this country. One example of such a tour would be a Yangtze River Cruise that will take you to such places as Chongqing, Fendu, known as the Ghost City, the gorges of Badong and the Hubei Provincial Museum at Wuhan. Tiananmen Square is very famous as the site of the student protests in 1989, but there is no evidence of the tragedy here now.

India Travel Tips for Luxury Vacations

India has quite a lot to offer the curious tourist. Monuments, temples and palaces abound in this mythical region of the world. If this is not to your taste then why not check out what India has to offer in the way of natural features. Gorgeous mountains and lush forested areas with flowing streams create a very serene landscape and make India a rather appealing and pleasurable place to visit. The charming mix of old and new also serves to create a very picturesque landscape.

Taj Mahal

The architectural feature India has become most famous for, the Taj Mahal, is perhaps the most popular of all tourist attractions in the country. This palace has an awe-inspiring dome feature and the pond leading up to the entrance is breathtaking. Completed during the 17th century, the Taj Mahal honors Mumtaz Mahal, the second wife of Emperor Shah. Marble designs make the feature quite exquisite and certainly a delight to view.

Kaziranga National Park  

Massive rainforests, vast grasslands and mesmerizing rivers are merely a glimpse of what there is to see at the Kaziranga National Park. Herds of wild animals are on display in this park and certainly of interest as some species are endangered. The one-horned Indian rhino exists in its largest population in the world inside the park and is one of the major draws at the park.

Those in search of specialty made goods and apparel have come to the right place. India boasts quite a variety of clothing and exotic items throughout its many markets. Bargaining is commonplace and is virtually unnecessary as the prices are more than reasonable. Carpets, jewelry, spices and woodwork are just a number of the items one would find in India.Mongolia  If you want an out of the ordinary vacation, then Mongolia is the place for you. The beautiful scenery of the steppes and rich colors you see in the simplest of things, such as a rainbow have to be seen to be appreciated. There is not much luxury attached to a visit to the land of Genghis Khan, but if you are looking for adventure galore without the modern trimmings you have become accustomed to, then Mongolia is for you.

Mongolia Travel Tips for Luxury Vacations

The modern way of life has not touched most of this country and it is very difficult to travel to this country without a guide. Very few people speak English, but if you speak some Russian, you can manage.  Hotels are not abundant to travel here you are best to make your booking through a travel agency.

Mongolia Horseback and Wilderness Treks.

Take a 12 day horseback or wilderness trek to see the main points of this country. The sights and sounds of this rural country will leave you breathless in fascination.The accommodations you find will be sparse, but comfortable. You can take a train trip from Beijing or Moscow and there is airline service, but it is not very reliable. There are a variety of tours you can take within Mongolia.

Thailand Travel Tips for Luxury Vacations

The friendliness of the people in Thailand is one of many thrills you will get when you visit this exciting country. The many shrines, historic monuments, prime shopping locations and white sandy beaches provide the setting for an idyllic vacation.


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Ko Samui

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