Africa Luxury Travel Vacation Guide

Africa is a vast exciting continent. It has over 720 million population and the world's largest desert and river. The Sahara at 9 million sq. Km and the River Nile at 6,690 Km. long. It ranges from Mediterranean to the emerging powerhouse the Union of South Africa at the confluence of the Atlantic and Indian oceans.

A visit to Africa has to include Egypt to see the Pyramids. Take a walk through the Egyptian Museum in Cairo with an Egyptologist as your guide and see the centuries of Egyptian civilization. Travel to Memphis to see the 40-foot statue of Ramses 11 and the Sphinx. In Cairo you can see buildings dating back to the 12th century. The resort town of Aswan features sandstone temples and you can take a cruise along the Nile. Try a horse drawn carriage ride through Edfu to see the Temple of Horus and see the Valley of Kings and the Valley of Queens in Lorax.

Let us look at these regions including rain forest to dessert in greater detail.

East Africa Travel tips for Luxury Vacations.

Burundi, Kenya, Mozambique, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda

 From the highest point in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro at 5 963m, down to sea level the spectacular beauty of East Africa features unspoiled landscapes and game reserves where you will see the wildlife in their natural habitat. Burundi has its well known wooden statues and remarkable items made from woven banana leaves.In Kenya visit the Museum dedicated to the author of "Out of Africa" in Nairobi, Kenya. The foothills of a dormant volcano in Samburu with its snowcapped peak will thrill you to the core. Meet with the endangered "Gorillas in the Mist" in Uganda. See the start of the Nile near Rutana in Burundi, and the hidden valleys of unspoilt wilderness in the many public and private game reserves. With many parks and lakes to see on your tour, as well as historic sites, you can truly immerse yourself in the African culture.

Magreb Travel Tips for Luxury Vacations

Algeria , Libya, Morocco , Mauritania, Tunisia

Imagine yourself in the past as you tour Casablanca and follow the infamous Barbary Coast. See the monumental walls and city gates of Meknes, the Royal Palace in Fez, and relax in the Swiss village of Ifrane. Descend the deep gorges and cross the exotic landscape where you will only be able to gaze around you in amazement. Take a trip to SOUKS, the colorful market in Rissani and the mud brick villages of the Tinrehir Oasis.

If interested in the French Foreign Legion then visit their former forts in all of Magreb including Sidi Bel Abbes in Algeria. For more futuristic fighters, go to Matmata, Tunisia, where Star Wars was filmed and enjoy modern luxury hotels which cater to Hollywood standards

Central Africa Travel Tips for Luxury Vacations

Angola, Cameroon, Central African Republic

Nature parks galore is one way to describe this area of Africa. Angola features spectacular beaches and you just have to climb to the top of the Tindra-Vala volcanic fissure, which rises to a height of 2600 km. above sea level. The view from this vantage point is awe-inspiring. Some of the best wildlife parks in Africa are in Cameroon, where the landscape changes from rainforest to savannah. With its pristine forests and exceptional cities, the Central African Republic will provide you with a relaxing vacation away from the vendors and sellers you find in most large cities.

North East Africa Travel Tips for Luxury Vacations

Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia & Sudan

Visit Djibouti where the local inhabitants are always curious about visitors and you will receive a traditional African welcome. Dive amongst the coral of the Red Sea and see the flamingos taking off from a lake. Although there is not much luxury attached to travelling in Ethiopia, you will be struck by the scenic beauty of this country, the friendliness of the people and the sense of history that it has.

West Africa Travel Tips for Luxury Vacations

Benin Cote D'voire, Ghana, Mauritania

The Cote D'Ivoire, also known as the Ivory Coast is a magical place where you can learn a lot about the history of this nation. There are towering mountains and tiny villages, but best of all there are friendly people. One of the most popular destinations for travellers to Africa is Benin with its historic Royal Family.. This country has fishing villages with houses on stilts. Visit the Parc National de Pendjari where you will see all kinds of African wildlife in their natural habitat elephants, lions, hippos, giraffes, baboons and many more. The friendliest people in the world live in Ghana and it is here you will find the rainforest of your dreams. As the winds blow off the Gulf of Guinea, you will be filled with a sense of wanting to stay in this wonderful part of the continent. See the nomads in their colourful tents when you visit Mauritania and plateaus in the shape of the moon. Here you will find a vast collection of prehistoric rock art as well as the ancient architecture of the Saharan times.

African Island Nations Travel Tips for Luxury Vacations

Cape Verde, Comoros, Madagascar, Seychelles

Sao Vincente is the liveliest city in Cape Verde and will certainly provide you with a good time. The country is known for its exceptional hiking, diving and its nightlife, but there are also areas where you can be alone and enjoy the sights in private. With its colourful history, Comoros will excite you from head to toe. Although climbing to the top of Mt. Ntingui may be difficult, when you reach the summit and look out over the four islands, it will all be worth it. Take a trip to the Parc National de L'salo in Madagascar to get a glimpse of the beautiful plant life that is being lost as the rainforest gradually disappears. The tropical paradise of the 115 islands that make up the Seychelles will keep you hopping from one place to another. Soak up the sunshine, swim in the surf and drink in the rhythms of Africa in the local culture.

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